Liquids 2017

Liquid Matter Conference

10th Liquid Matter Conference

EPS Liquid Matter Prize

The 2017 EPS Liquid Matter Prize awarded for outstanding contributions to the science of liquid matter will be presented at the conference. Previous prize winners are Jean-Pierre Hansen (2005), Henk N. W. Lekkerkerker and Peter N. Pusey (2008), David Chandler (2011), and Robert Evans (2014).

We have received 15 nominations for the Liquid Matter Prize of the European Physical Society, and the jury decided that the recipient of the Prize in 2017 is Professor Jacob Klein known for his transformative contributions to the understanding of soft and liquid matter under confinement, especially entangled and surface-attached polymers, and liquids in molecularly-thin films.

Professor Klein will be awarded the Prize on Wednesday July 19 2017.

Jacob Klein