Liquids 2017

Liquid Matter Conference

10th Liquid Matter Conference


Welcome to the website of Liquids 2017, the 10th Liquid Matter Conference, organized jointly by the Jožef Stefan Institute and the University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference will be held from July 17 through 21 2017 at the Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Previous conferences in the series were hosted by Lyon (1990), Florence (1993), Norwich (1996), Granada (1999), Konstanz (2002), Utrecht (2005), Lund (2008), Vienna (2011) and Lisbon (2014). The purpose of the conference is to review recent advances in experimental, theoretical, and applied studies in the liquid state of matter, bringing together researchers working in the physics and chemistry of liquids as well as in several closely related fields such as soft condensed matter and biophysics. The 10th Liquid Matter Conference is a Europhysics Conference.

The conference will open Monday morning July 17 2017 and close around lunchtime on Friday July 21 2017. The conference will consist of plenary lectures and of topical symposia including keynote lectures, contributed oral presentations, and poster sessions.


  1. Ionic Liquids, Liquid Metals
  2. Water, Solutions
  3. Liquid Crystals
  4. Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Biopolymers
  5. Colloids
  6. Films, Foams, Surfactants, Emulsions
  7. Confined Fluids, Interfacial Phenomena
  8. Supercooled Liquids, Glasses, Gels
  9. Driven Systems, Rheology, Nanofluidics
  10. Active Matter
  11. Biological and Biomimetic Fluids

Liquids Art Contest

Scientific research frequently yields aestetically pleasing images, with complex material properties reflecting in fascinating patterns and colors. Such images are sometimes accepted by journals as cover art, but also deserve appreciation on their own.

Click to enter Liquids Art contest

Participants of Liquids 2017 are kindly invited to submit images to the art contest by following the link above. The best contest entries will be selected for public display in an open-air exhibition at Krakovski nasip, on the banks of Ljubljanica river. The deadline for artwork submission is April 30 2017.

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