Liquids 2017

Liquid Matter Conference

10th Liquid Matter Conference

Liquids Art Exhibition

The outdoor exhibition of the selected Liquids artworks is on display between 15th and 21st of July 2017 at the Krakovski nasip (Krakovo embankment), close to the city center of Ljubljana. The submissions have been judged for their combination of striking visual qualities, scientific and general public interest, and diversity. The presented artworks are intended to be a visual record of the aestetic and science of contemporary liquid matter research, to be shared both with fellow researchers and the general public. We would also like to stimulate imagination, curiosity and interest in research for all generations, thus bringing them closer to the beauty of science.

You are warmly welcome to stroll down the embankment and get to know the liquid matter up close.

If you were not able to view the exhibit in person, or you want to enjoy and share the experience after the end of the conference, visit the online gallery here.

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