Liquids 2017

Liquid Matter Conference

10th Liquid Matter Conference

EPS Prize and Grants

The 10th Liquid Matter Conference is sponsored by the European Physical Society which provides the EPS Invited Speaker Grant, 3 Student Grants, and the Poster Prize.

EPS Invited Speaker Grant

This Grant in the amount of EUR 500 is awarded to an invited speaker as a contribution towards participation costs. The EPS Invited Speaker is selected by the International Program Committee.

This year’s winner of the EPS Invited Speaker Grant is Chantal Valeriani, a “Ramon y Cajal” Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Her research interests are focused on soft and condensed matter studied by means of computer simulations, examples including self-organisation in systems composed of self-propelled particles and anomalous properties and phase transitions of metastable water.

Chantal Valeriani

EPS Student Grants

The conference will give an amount not exceeding EUR 350 to 3 recipients of the EPS Student Grant so as to support their travel and local expenses, and will waive their registration fees. Candidates for EPS Student Grants i) should not have not received their PhD more than 6 years prior to the application for the grant, ii) should present a contribution at the conference, and iii) should study or work and a European institution or demonstrate economic need. To apply, please sent a letter expressing interest in the EPS Student Grant, proving that you fulfill the conditions and providing your CV with a list of your publications to The deadline for application is May 31 2017.

EPS Poster Prize

The EPS Poster Prize in the amount of EUR 200 will be awarded to a PhD student who will present an outstanding poster. The poster must be prepared by the awardee whose student status is defined by student registration. The winning poster will be selected by the committee appointed by the organizers of the conference.